ONEHOPE is an organization that sells wine and gifts with a built-in donation to non-profits. By drinking ONEHOPE wine and buying ONEHOPE gifts you are helping people in need.  Every purchase you make gives back! Wine with a bigger purpose? I can totally get behind that and that’s why I did!

Check out this video to learn more about the company! Or the dedicated website ONEHOPE that lets you know exactly how much good they are doing with each bottle of wine that is bought!

The obvious reason on why I started selling ONEHOPE is because… I LOVE WINE!! The second reason is I love a product that has a second purpose. What exactly does having a second purpose mean? Well it means that it’s a product that you would be buying and using anyway, but maybe you pay a little extra because you know that product/company does good for those in need or the environment or a little of both!  Thus, why it was a no brainer when I found a wine company that gives back to charities while I get a discount on my own wine and I make a little money off the wine that I sell! Wine is a passion, like food is a passion to me because it brings family and friends together!  It creates a bond and memories that can only happen over a good wine, good food and good conversation.

So if you are interested is purchasing wine or gifts, learning about corporate gifting options, bulk buying options, how to incorporate ONEHOPE into your wedding, or hosting an event with me, check outmy website!

PS. If you were still on the fence about ONEHOPE Wine, I saved the best detail for last… ONEHOPE is delivered directly to your home! So if that doesn’t bring you in then I don’t know what will! For me, if I don’t have to go to the store I’m not going, I love having things brought direct to me! Check out the map to make sure we ship to you! (NJ & DE friends, let me know if you want to order and we can work out a meet up for pick up!)

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