Get Your Side Hustle On!

Get Your Side Hustle On!

Since I can remember I’ve had a “side hustle”.  When I was little I sold pink lemonade and Keebler Rainbow chocolate chip cookies on the corner of our street, in my neighbors yard, since we lived on a dead end street. I also use to leave my box of money in my lemonade stand over night and would go back a few days later and find it.  I would say that was my first “side hustle”, back then I didn’t need money but I wanted it!  As I got older I took on other “side hustles”, because if you wanted something you had to work for it in my house.  Before I could have a job legally I was working at our family business, doing chores around the house and babysitting, or house sitting for my neighbors to earn money.  I actually had a real job the summer I was going into 7th grade. I worked on the boardwalk in Wildwood at Seaport Aquarium, selling tickets to families that wanted to come in and see and pet a live shark! I loved it and felt proud to have my own money and to be able to buy things without having to ask my parents for it, because money was tight.

As I got older I continued to have jobs, but I always had a second source of income.  If I only had one job, I’d feel stagnant and bored. In high school, I worked as a lifeguard, but taught private swim lessons in the morning, or worked at a daycare and babysat on the weekends. Why would  a kid be working this much you might ask?!  Well, because I did competitive cheerleading at a private gym and to be honest with you, it was expensive.  My parents paid for me to go to Catholic school and they said they wouldn’t pay for me to cheer, if I wanted to cheer, I had to pay for it!  Well, I loved cheering, it was my life back then, so I said I would figure it out because I loved it so much and it made me happy.

I started cheering in 3rd grade and moved to competitive cheerleading in 5th grade.  Competitive cheerleading is/was expensive, you pay for gym fees, and uniforms, and tumbling classes, and completion fees and traveling fees, and you are traveling and at a competition pretty much every weekend.  It added up quickly so, I worked two jobs and I participated in every fundraiser possible, hustling!  Cheering gave me the foundation to learn that anything worth having is worth working hard for.  I carried this drive to hustle and succeed to college and then into my 20s.  I’ve found working 40+ hours a week at a 9-5 job and then killing it at night and on the weekends became my norm.  And to be honest with you, anytime I “slow down” I feel like I should be doing more.


Why I’m Not Alone

In doing a little research, and thinking in general about my friends, I found a survey from CareerBuilder. The survey found that 29% of workers have a side hustle, 44% of those ages 25-34 and 39% of those 18-24 have a side gig. This survey also found that 30% of health care workers have a side hustle (Surprise I work in health care!).  The survey also found that workers who have a side hustle are more passionate about their day jobs (39%) than their side hustles (36%).

Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job!  I love being a therapist, I love helping people through their shit! But it is DRAINING and at the end of the day I find that I want to be creative! This is where my side hustle comes in! About a year and a half ago I started selling LuLaRoe, it was fun, I got to be creative and in general pretty easy.  To be honest, over time it became more work then I expected. I’ve stepped back in the past few months and have been thinking about what I want to do with it. I feel like I am drowning in LuLaRoe, and I feel like the market has been taken over by way bigger fish then I every wanted to be.  But, I love the side hustle!  I love talking to women, helping them find a piece that they love, or helping them therapeutically love their bodies a little more in clothes that help them feel comfortable and beautiful!  So I’m not sure yet if I’m giving it up or just want to cut back.

In the meantime, I’ve add a second side hustle to my plate mainly because, I love wine and want free wine! It does help also that the company donates 50% of their profits to partner nonprofits!!! I became a Cause Entrepreneur for ONEHOPE, produced by Rob Mondavi, Jr. out of Napa. As I said, every bottle makes an impact by donating HALF of the profits to partner nonprofits and when people host a tasting, a 10% donation is made to a local cause of their choice.

So there it is, I love a good side hustle. I love having my own side hustle, and supporting those that also have their own side hustle! I have found some of my favorite products from women selling direct market products or just from their creative Etsy shops and blogs!  So friends get out there and GET YOUR SIDE HUSTLE ON and shop small and direct, because it helps someone GET THEIR SIDE HUSTLE ON!!

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